About duobeat

Incorporated with a strong and well-designed gesture system with lots of smart functions, duobeat is a customizable keyboard that makes texting simple and quick for its users. It has been designed for enthusiasts who enjoy trying new things every day. As well as for vision impaired people who can easily increase the size of keyboard and change color to get clear visibility.

Secured conversations

The developers of duobeat believe in keeping your texts private. This keyboard is specially designed to keep your conversation private and protected. So, whatever the user types stay in his phone and is not disclosed to anybody else.

Key Features

Set photo from gallery and camera.
Change keyboard background color.
Set different types of themes.
Enjoy with unicode Emoji
30+ friendship Stickers designed to make conversions fun and interesting
Swipe your finger on keyboard to fast delete the complete word.
Auto spell check Facility.
Font style and color Supported.
Keyboard height setting for 3 different sizes.
Keyboard key press setting as vibration.
Speak to type
GIF sticker for sharing in social Apps.


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